Art Nouveau 1890-1910

Gallé, Daum, Prouvé, Machintosh, Guimard … so many names who have put their marks on the Art Nouveau movement, which was influenced by Japonism and Symbolism. « It is always nature that you must ask for advice » declared H. Guimard in 1899 to illustrate this movement created in 1890. The Art Nouveau favours the linear qualities of plants and their expression of an organic strength : the furniture then gains curved and flared base, the plan is curvaceous and the carved decor is vegetal. Water lilies, iris, lianas and other flowers which adornate objets d’art and furniture are at their peak.

This trend becomes famous via different movements across borders : Modern Style, Floreal Style, Liberty Style, Belle Epoque… Unfortunately reserved to a wealthy elite, this artistic trend requires the work of skilful craftsmen and will end around 1914.