► Art and Experience

The role of the expert is to establish the authenticity of art works, to value and to date them. Through my interest and dedication to Art, I have attained a specific expertise in Art Nouveau and Art Deco (1890-1940). I offer a professional level of service in the respect of Art and in recognition of the objet d’art.

► Art and Style

My mission extends from the initial search for an object and its appraisal in terms of value to its ultimate display in the sales catalogue. I also work in collaboration with auctioneers to facilitate and organise public auction sales. Through my advice and presence during the viewing and sales, I offer a complete follow-up of the mission given to me. Other services I offer are assessments and appraisals for insurance companies and professional advice on settlements and inheritances.

► Art and Guarantee

Acting as guarantor for authenticity is an area I am both comfident and proficient in. Being an expert is a job of passion and experience: knowledge and integrity are the keywords in order to gain the acknowledgement and the trust of all professionals as well as private people